Dog & Cat Services
We offer a wide range of services to meet your pets needs, we offer grooming on both cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes!
Full Groom
The full groom is our most popular service and consists of: Wash, Dry, Nail Cutting, Blueberry Facial, Ear clean and a paw massage.

Completely transform your dog/cat with this luxury service.
We offer a trim service which also consists of face and paw tidying.

This is a free service for regular customers!
Teeth Cleaning (Dogs Only)
You can now clean your pets' teeth without brushing by using the Emmi-Pet with 100% Ultrasound, the device makes no noise and doesn't vibrate so it's completely silent and gentle. It creates millions of little bubbles to remove impurities and can help with the prevention of Gum Inflamtion, Periodontitis, Tartar, Bad Breath and Dental Loss. Emmi-Pet with 100% Ultrasound – provides superior dental care for your pet. Initial Treatmeant is £30, £10 per Treatment after.
Nail Cutting (Dogs Only)
It is important to keep your dog’s nails well maintained, so we offer nail cutting as a walk-in service.
Bath and Brush
We use top of the range products with modern facilities to help maintain a perfect service.

Paw Natural is our product of choice followed by a dry and brush.
Cute Puppy for Puppy Hour
Puppy Hour!
Need to get your little loved one used to be social and friendly with other dogs?

Our Puppy Hour is perfect for helping your little puppy learn to, socialise and get used to being around other dogs from a young age. This in turn will make them more friendly to other dogs in the future.

Highly recommended, all the puppies love it!